Friday, June 13, 2008

On destroying marriage and families

The gays are so damaging to traditional marriage that two California counties are stopping marriages altogether. Which is funny, because those homosexuals just want to, you know, get married, only now the conservative straights have decided to take their ball and go home. Nothing could be more rational than court case after court case arguing they need to uphold the sanctity of traditional marriage, and then when they lose, it's so sacred they just stop civil access to the institution altogether. Very good, my fellow Californians. Very good indeed.

On a related note, perhaps the people in Butte County have more to be worried about, legitimately, since they're not only sort of flamey -- they're actually on fire.

UPDATE: It's not unusual, being from the midwest, to hear about how liberal good ol' California is out here on the Left Coast and all that. And then I read newspaper stories like this, and I feel immediately at home. NoCal ain't no different than anywhere else; we just happen to also have San Francisco.

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