Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rock Concert

I'm in San Francisco for a very long weekend, due to the Linguistics Society of America conference which has just been amazing.

I love getting in touch with my researcher friends and advisers, and it really makes me miss my studies in the field.

I really wonder if I won't end up back at study some day soon, as my participation over the last few days has reminded me that I love this field and am so fascinated by the work of linguistics.

Before heading out for a social gathering with friends and colleagues, we encountered a concert on the sidewalk.

Random, but still, I'm so glad I live here! :-D


Chuck said...

What a horrible picture. The rest of the story remains; I'm so happy I'm here. But criminetly. What a horrible picture.

Ryan said...

the pic i think kinda looks cool like it was meant 2 come out that way. gald having a goodtime while your there!