Monday, December 15, 2008

Kindness is contagious (just please don't spell 'contagious' with a k).

There are a few blogs dedicated to public transit in this area. Many of them are rather replete with condemnation and exasperation at the behavior of others, the operation of the systems, and so on. This is not one of those posts.

No, instead, I think it's just worth pointing out a reminder that kindness is contagious, sometimes in spades. BART was pretty crowded today, basically at crush load for that system. One lady got up out of her seat and offered it to an elderly man, which surprised but pleased me. Then it happened again with someone else. Then again! Three times I saw strangers just being considerate of those around them. And it all happened because one person did a nice thing on a crowded train, and scored 200% ROI. That's not too bad. We should all remember to give it a try sometime!


Ryan said...

how awesome if more people would do that kinda like they di in the older days so we are told what a nice place this world would be dont ya think?

Chuck said...

Oh, I know, right? And what was so amazing to me was that it just took one person in a crowd to do the right thing, and then suddenly everyone wanted to follow suit.

Maybe that's mob mentality. But it's a very polite mob!

Ryan said...

Merry Christmas Chuck!