Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Reflection

So California screwed the pooch on Prop 8, boo. Jimmy Dobson's raging hardon from tunring a blue state gay hatin' must be epic. Good for him, but if it lasts more than four hours it could be the Viagra, so call your doctor. And some other props I care about are very close. Looking down the scorecard from my recommendations, I see that my usual inability to vote in the same way as a plurality of my fellow voters is still largely intact, despite moving from Indiana to the Golden State. Go figure. Maybe I just like being a contrarian.

Obama won, which has me feeling excitement and hope in a dark part of my soul I guess I forgot I had. I've never voted in a presidential election that didn't end up with a goddamn buffoon running the country, so I know you can understand my consternation with these, what are they... emotions?

What's striking to me, less than 24 hours after the election, is how many black people there are on TV news shows all of a sudden. Not that there haven't been black pundits, but I find it interesting that suddenly there's a bumper crop of 'em. And if Obama isn't replaced by an African-American in the Senate, the Senate will have a goose-egg in the black representation column. I don't want to rain on the hope parade, but I think it's far too soon to say this election was truly transformative in American politics. God, I hope it is, but in the meantime I wonder if we've not run the risk of mistaking historical significance and a sign that says CHANGE! as real, material change to the political landscape.

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