Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Portland stuff 2

In Portland, they like to be progressive. After all, they live sort of on the left coast.

But as much of a bunch of hippie liberal douchebags as they like to think they are, you cannot flipping find a public recycling bin out on the street. Anywhere. Minus 2 points, Portland. Minus 2.

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Aaron Colter said...

It's sad, it's true. I'm supposed to start volunteering and start a project to at least put recycling bins next to trash cans in the downtown area.

Matt said...

you have a blackberry? wiener =]

Chuck said...

Aaron, that is awesome. Seriously, you rock -- I can't say how much it bothered me that like, you go to the market and get a bottle of water and its label has all the reminders about reduce-reuse-recycle and all that, and then when you go to try and recycle the damned thing, nothing. That said, I really enjoyed my time in your fair city. Holler if you come this way! And I will let you know if my journeys take me back north.

Matt, yes. A Blackberry. Shut up.